The Drifting Cowboys

Ever since Hank Williams formed his first band, it was always called "The Drifting Cowboys" Through the years, the Drifting Cowboys was composed of different members at different times. The Original "Drifting Cowboys" Band, however, was made up of Jerry Rivers, Don Helms, Bob McNett and Hillous Butrum. Considered to be the 'Original band' because they were used on most of Hank's recordings. Here are the names of those that were, at one point or another, in Hank Williams' "Drifting Cowboys"...


Don Helms

Jerry Rivers

Bob McNett

Hillous Butrum

Sammy Pruett

Tommy Jackson

Chubby Wise

Jerry Byrd

Owen Bradley

Fred Rose

Tony Francini

Winston Todd

James Willis

Charles Wright

L.C. Crysel

Herman Herron

Slim Thomas

Buddy Attaway

Freddy Beach

Louis Brown

Tillman Franks

E.B. Fulmer

"Hardrock" Gunter

"Dobber" Johnson

Buddy Jolley

Grady Martin

Bubba "Cannonball" Nichols

Bernice Turner

Doyle Turner

Jimmy Porter

Lum York

R.D. "Sonny" Norred

Clent Holmes

Pee Wee Moultrie

Joe Pennington

 Braxton Schufert

Red Todd

Zeb Turner

Zeke Turner

Ernie Newton

Cedric Rainwater

Willie Thawl

Clyde Baum

Rusty Gabbard

Farris Coursey

Billy Byrd

Leon Carter

"Curly" Corbin

Tom Davis

Jimmy Day

Jack Drake

Corolyn Parker

"Little Ed" Rawlins

Billy Robinson

Shorty Seals

Jimmy Selph

Guy Willis

Vic Willis

Skeeter Willis

Irene Williams

Audrey Williams

Clyde "Chris" Criswell

 Dale Potter

 Don Davis

 Chet Atkins

 Bill Drake

 Jack Shook

 Bill Lister

 Brownie Reynolds

 Felton Pruett

 Neal McCormick

 Dale Lohman

 Lois Innis

 Harold Bradley

 Eddie Hill

 Marvin Hughes

 Floyd Chance

 Charlie Mays

 Sue Taylor

 Hezzie Adair

"Boots" Harris

"Indian Joe" Hatcher

Tommy Hill

Herman Hurt

Autry Inman


Eland Smith

 Oscar Sullivan

Bill Taylor

Jimmy Webster



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