Hank Happenings

April 4, 2021


May 1, 2020

Dear Members,

I hope this letter finds you safe and well. This Covid 19 pandemic has affected all of us in one
way or another.

The fan club fundraisers and memberships are what we thrive on throughout the year. Because
of this pandemic we were not able to have our spring fundraiser and now our beloved yearly
Hank Williams Festival has been cancelled.

There are some of you reading this letter who have not paid your annual dues to the fan club in
2 years. If we don’t receive these dues, it makes it difficult to pay for the printing and mailing of
the newsletter. By not having festival or any fundraisers at the fan club house this year, it is
also difficult to pay for utilities and insurance for the next year. We recently had a 92 year old
member and a couple of others send us a donation to help out and we thank each of you.
Unfortunately, we lost our 501C3 status years ago. One of my projects was to get us
reinstated. When our Secretary/Treasurer called to inquire about what it would take, she was
told several hundred dollars. My plans were to pay these fees after festival and once again be a
501C3 non-profit. I will however still work on accomplishing this task.

The fan club’s biggest goal amongst others is to keep Hank’s music and memory alive. I ask you
to help us do this by asking your friends and family members who love Hank and his music to
join our fan club. They can do this by visiting our web site at
www.hankwilliamsinternationalfanclub.com and click on the icon that says “join”. Fill out the
application and mail it in along with their yearly dues.

I am so thankful for the members we presently have and your continued support is deeply

In closing, I want all of you to stay safe and protected. Also, if you have any questions or
concerns contact me at 251-490-5026 or Edna Thomas at 334-368-2847.

God Bless you all and “Keep Hankin’
Sherri Brackin
President HWIFC

Note: Please except this letter of explanation in place of this month's news letter